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Loft Conversion Insulation by Loft Conversions Oxfordshire

While the loft insulation will stop heat escaping from the loft, warm moist air from human activity, such as cooking and showers, can condense on cold surfaces and cause unhealthy mould. Loft Conversions Oxfordshire can go through what to do if you have a roof room and need insulation, and how this can complicate the matter!

Loft Conversion Insulation From Loft Conversions Oxfordshire

Most lofts will only have 'cold loft'insulation immediately above the ceiling of the top storey.

Insulated plasterboard is useful for loft conversions.

Loft Insulation In Oxfordshire

Installing loft insulation between and under the loft rafters will also achieve excellent u-values. Complete re-roof required as part of a loft conversion? Loft Conversions Oxfordshire are here to help.

For houses with shared roofs where the roof covering is not being replaced, Loft Conversions Oxfordshire suggest insulating between and under the rafters. If you are already in the process of re-roofing, it makes sense to get the insulation done, otherwise this will be cost prohibitive.

Roof Insulation For Loft Conversion In Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Loft Conversions Oxfordshire provide a number of roof insulation options for Loft Conversions in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.

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